Waldo Mikels-Carrasco: Supporting the United Way

Author: Carol C. Bradley, NDWorks

What are the forces that keep people in poverty?


Waldo Mikels-Carrasco hadn’t been involved with the United Way until he was called in to provide information to the agency on health disparities in St. Joseph County.

“They wanted to know what they could be funding in health,” he says. “I was impressed that the United Way was asking the question, and that they took the information and did something with it.” …

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ICeNSA, United Way tackle childhood obesity

Author: Carol C. Bradley, NDWorks

Connecting children with a wellness platform


ICeNSA, the Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications, directed by Nitesh Chawla, the Frank Freimann Collegiate Associate Professor in computer science and engineering, is making transformative advances in personalized health care and wellness by connecting data, computing, social networks, and people.…

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Yes, I’d like to make a difference in my community! University’s annual United Way campaign kicks off in October

Author: Carol C. Bradley, NDWorks

In past years, the generosity of Notre Dame’s faculty and staff has made us St. Joseph County’s top workforce in donations to United Way, helping improve education, health and financial stability in our community.

The goal for this year is $300,000.

Why United Way?

With so many causes and charities competing for our donations, why give to United Way?…

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