Moving People from Poverty to Possibility

Why focus on reducing poverty? 40% of households in St. Joseph County are struggling to meet basic needs - many could be your family, friends and neighbors.

How will United Way combat poverty in St. Joseph County?

By focusing our work in these 3 areas of impact:

  • Early Learning - Ages 0-12

Ensure that children are surpassing key readiness and early grade reaching benchmarks.

  • Youth Success - Ages 13 - 18

Ensure that children are graduating from high school with the skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education or advanced training.

  • Stable Families - Ages 18+

Ensure adults achieve long-term financial stability by developing the skills and opportunities to obtain and sustain employment.

For more information on these 3 goals visit, Poverty to Possibility.

Food for Fines

This fall, Notre Dame Security Police’s Parking Services offered a payment option for individuals with campus parking tickets to pay the fine with non-perishable food items. 

The Food for Fines program ran from Nov. 13 to Dec. 8 and processed 220 citations, valued at $5,000 and collected nearly 3,000 pounds of food as "payment". The recipient of this food collection was People Gotta Eat, a partnership of 17 local food pantries.

Contact: Campus Safety, 574-631-5053,

All gifts make a tremendous impact

By donating to the community through United Way, you will help address the epidemic of poverty. Your gift will be combined with the gifts of your friends and neighbors and will work to:

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