2012-2013 ND United Way Summary

Author: Jessica Brookshire

2012-13 ND United Way of St. Joseph County

Campaign Summary

The University of Notre Dame surpassed our goal of $300,000 raising $304,757.39 in the 2012-2013 United Way campaign.  We had 745 faculty and staff contribute to the campaign by making an annual pledge. In addition, a number of individuals participated in a variety of fundraisers and events including, Trivia Night a Thanksgiving pie sale and nine departmental fundraisers.

Below is a summary of the funds raised to benefit the community thru the United Way of St. Joseph County.







Congregation of Holy Cross Contribution


Compassion Fund

$1,597 (endowment interest)




In addition to the direct funds raised, new and increased gifts also brought in an additional $58k to our community from the matching grant opportunity made available from the Indiana Association of United Ways. This funding is earmarked specifically to assist with the community need of improving childhood nutrition and obesity.

The University of Notre Dame also provided assistance in 2012-13 to the United Way of St. Joseph County by assisting them with a variety of initiatives and projects, including:

·         Board Representation

o    Judy Fox, Law School

o    Bob McQuade, Office of Human Resources

o    Stephen Ponzillo, TRIO Programs

·         Allocation/Investment Committees

o    Jessica Brookshire, Public Affairs

o    Mike Favorite, Controller’s Group

o    Waldo Mikels-Carrasco, Community Health Engagement Program

o    Steve Ponzillo, TRIO Programs

·         Projects

o    Joe Urbany, Marketing

§  Project: 211

o    Corey Angst, Management

§  Project: Homelessness in St. Joseph County

o    HR’s “Leading with Impact” Faculty/Staff Class

§  Project: Community Aspirations

·         New Partnerships

o    A United Way Student Club formed and participated in the campus food drive, “Holy Cross Harvest” and with tutoring at Robinson Community Learning Center and YMCA’s Innovation Delta.

o    A Notre Dame Student Intern, Andy Boes worked at the UWSJC office.

While, the University of Notre Dame is the largest United Way campaign in St. Joseph County, in addition to funds raised, collections for food and toiletries were also held to benefit the United Way’s affiliated agencies. Used mattresses were also provided to a number of affiliated agencies as part of our campus recycling effort.



Benefitting Organization


# of Mattresses

Holy Cross Harvest

Food Drive

People Gotta Eat

$4,512 (Winter 2013)



*Food Bank of Northern Indiana

$9,804 (Winter 2013)



People Gotta Eat

4,000 lbs. (Summer 2013)



People Gotta Eat

251 lbs. of soap

219 lbs. of shampoo

281 lbs. of toilet paper


Mattresses Re-Use Program

HOPE Ministries








Church Lady & Friends Outreach Ministry




AIDS Ministries




Mishawaka Food Pantry, Inc.




Life Treatment Center




Boy Scouts of America




St. Vincent de Paul






4,000 lbs. of food

251 lbs. of soap

219 lbs. of shampoo

281 lbs. of toilet paper

207 mattresses

               *The Food Bank of Northern Indiana is no longer a member agency of the United Way of St. Joseph County however was a member agency prior to 2012-2013.