Author: United Way of St. Joseph County

“You don’t know me, but my name is Sabian. When I was born, I couldn’t hear very well. But, no one knew until my preschool checked my hearing for free thanks to United Way. They told my mom what I couldn’t — I am hearing impaired. Now I have tubes in my ears that help me hear and specialists who help me learn how to talk. Thanks to people who gave money to United Way, I am going to be able to hear my teacher and talk to my friends when I start kindergarten!”

Every year, people like you lend your support to United Way of St. Joseph County, helping us make a tremendous impact on thousands of St. Joseph County residents like Sabian. Because of a United Way-funded program, Sabian received free hearing and speech screenings for the underserved. That’s when his hearing impairment was detected. After getting tubes in both of his ears, Sabian was able to receive speech therapy, giving him the tools he needed to succeed in kindergarten.

Sabian is not alone. He is just one example of the life- changing effect that United Way has had on someone’s life. Without faithful supporters like you, this simply would not be possible.